Printing & Colours

Our coolers allow for printing in full colour using CMYK colours, or single black colour (for single colour printing). Please ensure all Pantone or other colours are converted to the closest CMYK equivalent.
Printing is based on high quality offset printing presses.
The coolers are printed with a 5mm bleed and cut down to the actual size of the cooler.


All setup, printing, KipCule coolers, cooler display / dispenser boxes, packaging, and shipping costs, taxes etc.. Also included at no extra cost are the considerable benefits of advertising on KipCule. Please refer to quote / invoice for specific details.
We accept direct deposit, with full payment required at time of order. This is due to the customised nature of the cooler.
KipCule is available internationally with the relevant taxes, import duties, customs costs etc., applied.

File Formats / Artwork

Please send artwork files with your order form. If your files are very large then we suggest you send them to us using an online file transfer platform.
If you require help with developing your artwork, our team can provide expert assistance upon request.

Ordering amounts

Kipcule can be applied to beer bottles and cans, tapered beer glasses, premix drinks, ciders, soft drinks etc. therefore calculate the quantity of drinks typically consumed over a 1-2 month period and this will represent the number of KipCule coolers required for this period. Similarly if you are considering the larger cooler, consider how many bottles of wine or how many water bottles are used over a 1-2 month period. (Minimum order of 5000 coolers).

Manufacturing Times

Our customised printed coolers (up to 25,000) are manufactured within 15-20 days (after payment and art work is received). For larger quantities, turnaround times will need to be confirmed.
Freight times can depend on the qty being transported, freight option, location, weather, customs, etc. In general, air freight can take 6-10 days, and sea freight can take approximately 20 days. It should also be noted that the global health concerns have impacted freight times and costs, and which is reflected in the quote.

About KipCule cooler

  • Press the cooler at the mid point against the beverage, wrap the ends around the beverage and then held in place using one hand. This method will allow the cooler to contour to regular bottle or a tapered cup / glass. While holding the cooler against the beverage ensure it is firmly wrapped (snug fit) around the beverage.
  • The protective film is removed from the adhesive strip & leaving the exposed sticky strip still attached to the cooler.
  • While keeping the cooler firmly / snug fitting around the beverage, allow the ends to overlap and press down firmly on the “KipCule” logo (tapered section of cooler) to secure the adhesive strip to the other side of the cooler.
  • The cooler and beverage should feel secure in hand by applying a slight hand pressure and also by the cooler gradually absorbing condensation… the cooler will feel like it clings to the beverage.
  • The cooler works best on flat surfaces similar to glass bottles, tapered beer glasses, cans, etc.
  • Tip: When the cooler is wrapped around a bottle, the bottom of the cooler is flat; when it is wrapped around a tapered cup / glass, the top of the cooler is flat (or nearly flat, depending on the angle of the taper).
The cooler and beverage should feel secure in hand by applying a slight hand pressure and also by the cooler absorbing condensation and virtually bonding to the beverage. The cooler works best on flat untextured, flat surfaces similar to glass bottles, tapered beer glasses, cans, etc.
The cooler provides thermal performance comparable to expensive, non-biodegradable, nonsafe/non-hygienic alternatives on the market.
Yes, the cooler is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable so is far greener (environmentally friendly) than the alternatives on the market. Recycled materials and responsibly sourced paper pulp are used in the manufacture of the cooler, and the adhesive’s protective film is also biodegradable.
The KipCule cooler is for single use only and then is disposed of, ensuring there is no cross contamination. Compare this to other alternatives on the market, which can’t be cleaned without damaging them or simply aren’t cleaned.